Stay Alive: Your First Mistake, Will Be Your Last

Started on October 31, 20204 HOURS

This workshop will help you do more than just survive a violent situation. We are going to cover the 4 Pillars for a Dominating Foundation, show why surviving is not always going to be enough, common mistake when picking self-defense training, the difference between antisocial and asocial, as well as things to look for with self-defense training to ensure you not only survive but win a violent encounter.

Topics discussed:

  • 4 Pillars for a Dominating Foundation
  • Surviving is not enough
  • Common mistakes when picking self-defense systems
  • Anti-social vs. Asocial
  • Weapons of Opportunity
  • Why are thugs still winning
  • Basis for Operational Success
  • All the reasons why you can’t
  • Four Horseman of Response
  • Review