Vehicle Tactics 201

Started on October 30, 20207 HOURS

The Vehicle Tactics 201 is a great class to help you become more confident and proficient with using your handgun in and around a vehicle.  This means you will understand how to work from inside to outside the vehicle to ensure you understand proper movements while handling reloads and malfunctions.

As the day progresses you will start with engaging one threat to multiple threats along with learning where the best places are on the vehicle for proper cover. 

Topics of instruction will include:

  • Shooting from inside the vehicle
  • Shooting from inside the vehicle at different positions
  • Working with passengers in the vehicle
  • Working from inside to outside the vehicle
  • Best places for cover around the vehicle
  • Magazine changes and malfunctions
  • Malfunction and immediate action drills
  • Shooting on the move
  • Multiple target engagement

Equipment List: 

  • 500 rounds factory handgun ammo 
  • A good sturdy belt 
  • Strong side belt holster 
  • 2-3 pistol magazines
  • Eyes and ear protection
  • Hat, sun block, rain gear, we will shoot RAIN or SHINE
  • Knee and elbow pads (optional)
  • Camel back (water will be available)
  • Last but not least a OPEN MIND and willingness to learn