Sonya McLaurin


Phone: 864-934-8868
Address: Easley, SC
Brief info

Sonya has worked as a nurse for 30 years and has also been an avid hunter and firearms enthusiast. Over the past few years, she has been working hard to enhance her firearms skills and abilities for personal protection by training with top level instructors and pro-shooters; Chris Liles, Kevin Dixie, Ken Scott, Rob Pincus, Dustin Pluth, Micheal Woodland, and Jason Johnson. She has also worked hard to receive numerous certifications through the NRA, USCCA, and HSI to help enhance her knowledge and skills to help new and experienced shooters become more well rounded and be able to better protect themselves and ones around them.

Sonya’s instructor credentials include:
SCGS Certified Personal Defense Instructor
SLED Certified Instructor
NRA Certified Instructor
USCCA Certified Instructor
HSI Certified Instructor