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Class and firearms – Faq


All you need to do is go to the Class Calendar and find the class you want to attend, and then click on it.  Once in the class select the “+” sign for how many tickets you need and then select Get Tickets.  From there you will then select how you would like to pay: Option 1 is using a credit card through Square or Option 2 is to select Sezzle and you will be allowed to make payments and still be registered for the class right then.  Any questions please reach out to us.


Unfortunately we do not give refunds, but we will gladly move your class to another date or hold you a spot until you can attend a class


48-72 hours after you have made your purchase of the class or classes you want to attend you will receive an email with your ticket or tickets.  Then a 4-6 days out from your scheduled class you will receive a reminder email about the class and details of the day.

How do I apply for a South Carolina CWP?

Applicants must first attend required training through our school. I will cover all the paperwork and how to set your appointment to complete the application process. SLED has changed how they process the New, Renewal, and Replacement applications making it better and faster for both us the instructor and you the applicant.

Can I complete an online renewal even though my address has changed?

Yes just make sure you update your address when filling out the form online and MAKE SURE your address is updated on your driver’s license.

How do I renew my CWP application online or if I lost my CWP or changed any information on it (name, address, etc.), how do I get a new one?

My CWP expired. Do I have to go through training again?

While you are encouraged to maintain familiarity and proficiency with the firearm you intend to carry with your CWP as well as the legal aspects of carrying and using your firearm in self-defense, retraining is not mandated by state law upon expiration. However, you will need to mail in an application as renewing online is not possible if the permit has been expired for more than 18 months then you MUST submit a paper renewal form and copy of your current SCDL.

I have a CWP in another state and will be moving to South Carolina. Can I transfer my permit?

No. South Carolina law does not permit the transfer of permits from other states. You will need to attend CWP training through our school to get you on the path for your SC CWP.

I am a disabled veteran. Do I need to pay the CWP application fee?

No. Disabled veterans are exempt by state law from paying the CWP fee. You will need to complete on the legal aspects and written test of the training. You will also need to have a copy of any paperwork or ID showing your disability. Any percentage will count.

I am a retired/former military member. What training do I need to complete?

Retired/former military members must complete only the legal aspects portion of the training and complete the written test.

I am an active duty military member. What training do I need to complete?

In accordance with South Carolina State law, active duty military and members of the reserve, or National Guard members are exempt from all CWP training. However, you will need to submit an application as described in this link.

I am a retired/former law enforcement officer. What training do I need to complete?

If you are retired from a law enforcement agency and have not maintained any type of certification or commission; or used to be a law enforcement officer who completed a state or federal training academy, you only need to complete the legal aspects portion of the CWP training and complete a written test through our school. You are only required to submit a copy of your LEO training certificate with your application to qualify. Also, you are exemptfrom paying the $50 fee. If you still maintain a retired (HR-218) certification, you are exempt from training and are also exempt from the processing fee.

I have a concealed weapon permit from another state and will be visiting South Carolina. How do I know if South Carolina has a reciprocity agreement with my home state, and exactly what are the laws pertaining to carrying or transporting a weapon through South Carolina?

You may access a listing of the states that South Carolina has reciprocity with, and the laws regarding those states via the SLED website, under the Concealed Weapons Permit Program tab.

My state does not have reciprocity with South Carolina. Where can I carry a handgun?

Please visit the South Carolina Legislature’s website, particularly S.C. Code Ann. § 16-23-20, for more information on where you may carry a firearm in South Carolina.

I have a valid SCCWP but where can I carry my gun in my vehicle?

You can keep the gun loaded with a round in the chamber in your glove box or console or concealed on your person, or in a backpack or purse because they will go on your person when you get out of the vehicle. Also you can keep a loaded gun with a round in the chamber in a container with an integral fastener under the driver seat or in the furthest spot back depending on your vehicle; trunk, cargo area, or behind the furthest backseat. MOST IMPROTANT IS IF YOU ARE PULLED OVER LET THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER KNOW YOU HAVE A FIREARM IN THE VEHCILE IMMEDIATELY.

I am visiting South Carolina or don’t have a SCCWP but where can I carry my gun in my vehicle?

Without a SCCWP and/or not being from SC you can keep a loaded gun with one in the chamber in the vehicle’s glove box or console, or in a container with an integral fastener under the driver seat or in the furthest spot back depending on your vehicle; trunk, cargo area, or behind the furthest backseat. MOST IMPROTANT IS IF YOU ARE PULLED OVER LET THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER KNOW YOU HAVE A FIREARM IN THE VEHCILE IMMEDIATELY.

I moved my residence from South Carolina to another state, but still own property in South Carolina. Do I qualify for a non-resident CWP?

If you are no longer a resident of SC, but retain ownership of property in SC, then you will need to change to a non-resident permit. Please complete a Duplicate/Replacement Form & a Real Propety Tax Form (which needs to be completed by the county tax assessor’s office). Once you have completed both forms submit them with a copy of your new driver’s license and the $5 fee (in the form of a certified check or money order), for processing. You also have the option of submitting this request online. Using the SC CWP Duplicate/Renewal linkprovided by IdentoGo you have the option to update your information as intended, pay the $5 fee required to process the transaction, and SLED will be prompted to update your information as requested in our system and then will print your new credential and mail it to you. Once received please shred/destroy your old credential. If you would like to complete a paper Duplicate/Replacement Form, you may do so by following the directions stated on the form provided.  Also, please email a jpeg photo to cwpappdocuments@sled.sc.gov, so that we can create your new non-resident credential.

I received CWP training a few years ago, but never sent in my application. Is it too late to do so?

Your training is good for three (3) years from the date of the training. SLED must receive the application and required documents prior to the expiration of the training class. If the application is not received within the time frame you will need to complete the training again.

Do I have to be 21 years old to take the CWP class?

You don’t have to be 21 to take the class, your 21stbirthday must be within the 3 years from the class date you are given to submit your paperwork. You just have to wait until you turn 21 to submit the paperwork.

I live out of state but own property in South Carolina. Can I get a CWP?

To qualify for a Non-Resident South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit you must own real property in the state, and it needs to be registered under the specific SCCWP applicant applying name. To qualify you must complete the SC Concealed Weapons Permit class provided by a registered South Carolina SLED certified instructor. They will assist you in completing the application and advise you on the forms required for submission. In addition to the application requirements please submit a Non-Resident Real Property Tax form completed by the tax assessor in the county that the property is located. The Real Propety Tax Form  are available on the SLED website under the Concealed Weapons Permit Program tab.  Also, please email a jpeg photo to cwpappdocuments@sled.sc.gov, so that we can create your new non-resident credential.

Do I have physically have to attend the CWP training class?

Yes and no. No, we can setup a virtual private class to complete the classroom portion of the training. Yes, you will eventually need to physically come into the school for the shooting portion of the class as well as taking the written test. We can setup and come to you for the class as long as you have a safe place to shoot, or we can come to you for the class and the written test and the schedule the shooting portion at a later date.

Where are you located?

We are located in the upstate of South Carolina, 20 minutes from Clemson University. We have an Easley address but are closer to Piedmont, SC. The nearest airport is Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, but we are also 2 hours away from Atlanta International or Charlotte Airports. https://scgunschool.com/contact/

What training do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of training you can view on our class page and mainly based on CQB and real-life situations. We do not offer competition shooting specific training, but our classes will put you on the path to becoming a competition shooter. https://scgunschool.com/our-courses/

Do I have to be 18 years old to take your other offered classes?

We don’t really have a set age limit but go based more on experience and knowledge of firearm’s safety and fundamentals. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parent’s permission and they must sign the waiver for you.

What gear is needed for training?

Please refer to the class description page for the specific training you are looking at taking for that information. 

Are private classes available?

Private classes are available for any of our private classes and private class fees may apply. Please contact us to set up your private class.

Will you come to me for training?

Yes we will setup and come to you for any of our classes as long as you have a safe place to shoot. Please contact us to setup a class.

Where do I register for your classes?

Please go to our class calendar and all our classes are listed there with date and time. Just click on the class you want, and the registration link will be toward the bottom of the page. https://scgunschool.com/classes/

I am looking to get my first gun where would I start?

I would recommend looking into out Intro to Firearms course because we will provide different firearms and ammo, as well as instruction around your responsibility as a firearms owner along with the safety and fundamentals. The class has the options of 1 specific firearms platform or all platforms. 

I have my own firearm(s) and want to get more experience with it where do I start?

If you are totally new and just got your firearm(s) or you have had the firearm(s) for some time and have not done any shooting or practicing then you need to start with any Tactics 101 related to the platform you have. If you have shot at least 100 rounds with your firearm and have a general understanding of firearms safety and fundamentals, then I would start with the Tactics 201 related to your platform.

Am I able to use another schools training as a prerequisite for any of the Tactics 301 course?

It will depend on the school and experience level of the course, but these are handled on a case by case basis and you must contact Chris the owner for that decision. Understand extensive research on the training you attended is done before a decision is made.