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What’s Your Life Worth?

Since we just talked about training, I feel it is only best that now we talk about What’s Your Life Worth or What’s Your Family’s Life Worth?  No one wants to look at this because this directly ties into training.  I am not saying this to try to take your money, but I am saying this because my family’s and my life are worth more than the $200, $300, or even $500 training class.  If I wanted to take your money, I would just charge crazy prices and be done with it.  I am trying to help you make sure you can raise your mindset and awareness to ensure you and your family stay alive.  I do this training to make sure you are efficient and effective with your firearm to ensure 1. your family stays alive and 2. no innocent people are hurt, or heaven forbid killed in the process of your protecting someone.

I always hear I don’t have the money right now or it’s too expensive for me to pay right now, or better yet that a lot of ammo or again that much ammo is expensive.  Then I hear well that’s too far to drive or your too far away.  I even offer options for you to make payments for the classes, and I will even come to you as long as you have a safe place to shoot.  I have traveled to many different places to take training classes, even up to 12 hours for a training event to not only make me a better shooter but also a better instructor.  I do this because my family’s life and my life are worth way more than any cost of a training class.  I am not saying spend thousands of dollars a month on training, but you need to invest in making sure you can ensure you and your family make it home.

Then I see you posting pictures of the new AR, shotgun, or even Staccato you just bought or posting pictures of the cruise you’re taking or overseas vacation you’re taking that is costing thousands of dollars for that one trip.  Now before you go getting all pissy, I am not saying don’t buy that new gun or go on that trip or vacation.  What I am saying is why are you not budgeting some money to better your skills and abilities with your firearm.  Now if you are starting to get mad or upset and looking to blast me on social media or just plain out track me down and slap me in the face, then remember the truth hurts.  And also remember I am training, and that is not just with a firearm but also with hand to hand with BJJ because again my life is worth more than what all of that cost.  Sometimes it takes getting mad to realize maybe something needs to change, maybe my life and family’s life is worth more than that training class.

Now trust me I know things are expensive right now because I have to put gas in my truck, pay for groceries, and other bills, but I still allot for some training which means I do make some sacrifices to ensure that is able to be done.  All I am saying is maybe wait on the new gun or that next trip for a little bit and invest in that training class, and if it is not with me then somewhere near you.  If you don’t know anyone near you reach out and I have plenty of resources to see what we can find.  And if nothing is near you, we can look at setting something up and I will come out to you no matter where you are at.  Because that new gun or next trip isn’t going to ensure you are ready when the fight comes to you, because it will eventually come to you.

You’re probably asking where all this comes from.  Well, I saw a video with a motivational speaker, unfortunately I don’t remember his name, where he asked the crowd if I gave you 5 million dollars to not wake up tomorrow, would you take it?  So, it got me thinking, what is your life worth, what is your family’s life worth?  I want myself and my family to be able to go in life as long as the good Lord sees fit for me to go.  Now if that means I have to sacrifice mine for my family then I will do it, but I will make sure that I am ready for the fight and will go down fighting with all I have.  Also, by making sure my skills are ready through proper training will only help ensure I give it my all to go home to my family as well as make sure my family ALL make it home.   Again, I am not trying to make you mad or upset, I just want you to ask yourself, What’s Your Life Worth?


As always,

If you’re not Shooting, you’re Reloading

If you’re not Reloading, you’re Fighting

If you’re not Fighting, YOU’RE DEAD

Train to Live, See you on the range.